Chapter 42 Page 01
Monday — April 27th, 2015

Chapter 42 Page 01

Demon Fist News

Site updates

Hey all, I’m doing some site maintenance today so apologies if anything gets wonky throughout the day.

And it’s fixed

I think I got the problem taken care of, if any of you finds any issues, please let me know. Thanks!

Page links

It has come to my attention that pages for Chapter 41 link incorrectly when you click on the page to go to the next. I’m currently working on this. If you see the site get a little funky, it’s because I’m working on it. For now use the “next” button at the bottom of the page. I will post when the issue is fixed.


Woot woot, Its a new month and a new opportunity for Demon Fist to rank up at But it can’t without your help. Please head over and vote! You can even see the cover to volume 42 early if you do! Remember voting can be done once per day so keep those votes coming in!

Vote here:

In case you missed it!

Check out the Demon Fist Trailer, share with your friends, your enemies, your pets! I hope you enjoy.

The Demon Fist Trailer

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