Chapter 40 Page 02
Wednesday — October 22nd, 2014

Chapter 40 Page 02

Demon Fist News

Rose City Comic Con!

For all of you peeps in the Portland Oregon area, I’ll be having a booth at Rose City Comic Con this weekend, it’s my first west coast convention! Hope to see you all there!

Stoopit kumpooter

Ugh sorry guys my computer took a dump on me tonight, so I can’t get the page up today. Hopefully, I’ll get it up and running by tomorrow so you’ll have a new page on Tuesday.


Podcasts for the win!

Hey all, I was a guest on the White Maze Podcast. Check it out. Links below

Animation of doom!

Check it out, two friends of mine left the animation industry to start producing their own work. Here’s the first trailer. Woot woot!