Chapter 40 Page 18
Tuesday — January 20th, 2015

Chapter 40 Page 18

Demon Fist News

The Game Plan

Hey everybody. So I’ll just jump right in here and say I have been really unhappy with the amount of pages I have been realeasing these past months. Granted I have had a bunch of real world issues (new job, sick cat, etc.) be part of that reason, but regardless I want to fix this. I tried small breaks to try and catch up but to no avail. So as I am between volumes 5 and 6, I plan to take the next month off.

I’m sorry to make you all wait, but I really think this will be for the best in order to get Demon Fist back on track with 3-4 pages per week again. This will also help me move forward on some other Demon Fist projects I’ve had to keep on the back burner for almost two years now. So wish me luck guys I will be spending the next month working my but off, trying to get things back on track. I will try to post updates as I do this, but Demon Fist will return March 2! See you then!

Whitemaze Podcasts

Hey all, my friends over at Whitemaze need some help. They do a series of podcasts, videos and whatnot. They’ve even been so generous as to have me on their podcast a few times. However they’ve started to reach the limit as to what they can do because of dated equipment. We’ve all been there. So if you can, check out their GoFundMe here: Whitemaze GoFundMe

You can listen to their podcasts and such here: Whitemaze

Infinite Ugh…

Hey peeps, I can’t believe I only got one page out these week. :( This sux! My new job has kept me late most nights this week so I haven’t been able to have anytime to draw and the previous weekend was filled with visiting family. Well this weekend looks to be a decent bit more open and supposedly, the late nights at work shouldn’t be too much longer…I hope. I can definitely say there will be at least one page next week, but I’m gonna aim for three and hope for at least two. Thanks for the patience and wish me luck!

Pages update

Hey everyone, so the good news is my cats doing better. But life drama has still been pretty high and I haven’t gotten much done this past week. I’ll have a page for Tuesday and most likely Thursday. With a little luck we should be back on track soon. Thanks for being patient.

No pages this week

Hi everyone, so I’ve spent the better part of the whole week at the emergency vet with my cat, the good news is with any luck she will be home soon. The bad news is I have no pages even started this week. So I will be taking this week to get pages done, thanks for your patients and wish my cat, Moo luck