Chapter 50 Page 09
Tuesday — March 7th, 2017

Chapter 50 Page 09

Demon Fist News

Crazy week

Hey all, sorry about the lack of posts. Last week was absolute chaos and I didn’t have any time to work on anything. I’m going to take this week off from posting as well to try and catch up. You should see new pages starting Monday the 20th. Thanks.

Sidebar Problems :(

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I discovered that due to automatic updates of wordpress my side bar navigation is no longer working. I’m currently trying to fix this but it might take a while. I will do what I can as soon as I can. It shouldn’t affect the actual comic pages. Thanks for your patience.

Sick and swamped

Hey all, sorry for no pages the past two days. I got sick last week and just when I started getting better I got hit with a bunch of freelance work. It’s put me way behind, but the paying a gigs have to come first. But regardless, I should have a new page up Wednesday. 

Come Back imminent.

First let me apologize for this way too long hiatus. My life exploded pretty massively and while I’m still not really back on track I’m worlds better than i was a few months ago. We are definitely going to be back and relatively soon. I have already started on pages again, and I plan to be uploading around January 9th. I’m sorry for taking so long to get my crap together but we’re on our way back and it will be awesome! See you soon and thanks for your patience.

Frakking Finally

New pages starting Tuesday. Thanks for waiting everyone!