Chapter 45 Page 10
Wednesday — November 25th, 2015

Chapter 45 Page 10

Demon Fist News

Database Issue

Hey all,

Looks like I had an issue in the website database that was causing the next page of the comic to sometimes load incorrectly. I think I got it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you see any issues. Thanks!

Back to the Present!

Its not quite as exciting as going back to the future, but hey, I’ll take it. So i’m feeling better and got some pages done. So hopefully that will make things a little more steady for a bit. Thanks for waiting, and I hope you enjoy!

Sick :(

Hey guys, so bad news, I was super busy this weekend and wasn’t able to get much done for this week. Now I’m sick so while work is continuing its going super slow. So no new pages this week. I’ll start fresh on Monday. Sorry for the wait.

Rose City Comic Con

Hey all, if you’re in the Portland Area this weekend and looking for a comic con, check it: Stop by table K-7 and say hi!


Stay senile my friends.

I realized the resemblance shortly after I posted this page.