Chapter 44 Page 14
Thursday — October 8th, 2015

Chapter 44 Page 14

Demon Fist News

Rose City Comic Con

Hey all, if you’re in the Portland Area this weekend and looking for a comic con, check it: Stop by table K-7 and say hi!


Stay senile my friends.

I realized the resemblance shortly after I posted this page.


Bills of doom

Sorry for the lack of pages everyone. I had a bunch of paying work come in, which is a good thing cause bills were slowly killing me lol. But my time to actually draw Demon Fist took a huge hit. But I already have a couple drawn now, so we will start back up fresh! Thanks, and sorry for making you all wait.

What a month

Hi Peeps,

Just wanted to thank all of you for being so patient this past month. It has most certainly been a whirlwind. But the craziness has passed for now and I can finally get back to work of Demon Fist. I’m still a bit behind, but most certainly better than I was last week.

As for what the special project was that was going on last month, Oni Press, the publisher of Scott Pilgrim as well as a number of other great books, was having open submissions. I put a pitch together for a series and got it to them just before the deadline. Its a completely separate and pretty different book than Demon Fist. Eventually I’ll post some samples for you all. Regardless, its a longshot, as I’m sure they got a mountain of submissions, but hey, you never know. Wish me luck, and look forward to more Demon Fist!

Ugh I suck

Hey guys, so I realized as I was finishing chapter 42, I realized that there were things I needed to change for this story arc, I’ve been working my butt off rewriting a lot of stuff as fast as I can. Unfortunately, the few pages I had started for 43 had to be scrapped. But we will be back our normal schedule this coming Monday. Sorry for the delays, but I think the story line will ultimately be a lot better this way. As always, thanks for reading.