Chapter 41 Page 15
Thursday — March 26th, 2015

Chapter 41 Page 15

Demon Fist News

In case you missed it!

Check out the Demon Fist Trailer, share with your friends, your enemies, your pets! I hope you enjoy.

The Demon Fist Trailer

The link for all you RSS Readers:

Volume 5 now on sale!

Woot woot! Trailer for you all. Demon Fist Volume five is on sale now!

Sakura Con!

Hey all! Just letting you know that I will be in the small press section of Sakura Con on April 3rd – 5th. I hope to see all of you Seattle Readers there!

Caching fail

Hey all, if you haven’t been seeing the new pages come up, it was because I am using a new page caching plugin to try to make load times shorter. There was an issue where it wasn’t reloading the main page at all, but it should be fixed now. Sorry for the delay.


Just a reminder, Demon Fist Starts back up on Monday!