Chapter 43 Page 22
Monday — August 31st, 2015

Chapter 43 Page 22

Demon Fist News

What a month

Hi Peeps,

Just wanted to thank all of you for being so patient this past month. It has most certainly been a whirlwind. But the craziness has passed for now and I can finally get back to work of Demon Fist. I’m still a bit behind, but most certainly better than I was last week.

As for what the special project was that was going on last month, Oni Press, the publisher of Scott Pilgrim as well as a number of other great books, was having open submissions. I put a pitch together for a series and got it to them just before the deadline. Its a completely separate and pretty different book than Demon Fist. Eventually I’ll post some samples for you all. Regardless, its a longshot, as I’m sure they got a mountain of submissions, but hey, you never know. Wish me luck, and look forward to more Demon Fist!

Ugh I suck

Hey guys, so I realized as I was finishing chapter 42, I realized that there were things I needed to change for this story arc, I’ve been working my butt off rewriting a lot of stuff as fast as I can. Unfortunately, the few pages I had started for 43 had to be scrapped. But we will be back our normal schedule this coming Monday. Sorry for the delays, but I think the story line will ultimately be a lot better this way. As always, thanks for reading.

June release schedule

So I have to say April and May have been a bit of a chaotic super nova. Works been busy to the point that I’ve been working up till 9pm most days and we moved to a new apartment. Plus I’m working on a special project that has to be finished by the end of June. I can’t go into details of it right now but will update all of you when I can. 

What does this all mean? Like 90% of the buffer I’ve built up is gone and June is looking to be just as crazy. I don’t want to leave you all waiting, so for June Demon Fist will release only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will return to our normal release schedule in July. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Damn, that’s an improvement!

Hey guys so I upgraded my hosting a bit so the sight should run a lot smoother and hopefully quicker now. Let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks! Enjoy reading!

Site updates

Hey all, I’m doing some site maintenance today so apologies if anything gets wonky throughout the day.