February 4th, 2009

Chapter 02 Page 05


  1. Booger

    To the creator of DemonFist: Hi, its the Luffy from AnimeNEXT that said I’d check out your manga, so I’m just going to give it my judging right here before I fall asleep and forget what’s on my mind.
    I’m liking it a lot so far. The story thus far is very interesting, that fight scene earlier in the train was short but obviously Rory here outclasses them outright from the beginning, which is something you don’t normally see in a shonen, which I think is pretty cool.
    The dialogue is hilariously witty at some points and stupidly corny at others which makes it very enjoyable to read as well.
    The storytelling feels much more fast paced than most other manga, because narration in the first 3 pages essentially covered most of the backstory, and even now we are learning more about Rory through the wierd dude that led him down here. I hope to see more character development through other characters that have met him previously soon.
    The artwork is much more than I originally anticipated, especially in the backgrounds and in the inanimate objects, but there’s just one thing that feels off about it. My only complaint right now is the artwork of some of the faces: the nose and shape of the head (or maybe its the eyes) makes it obvious the artist’s forte isn’t in faces, but its not enough to get me to stop reading. The rest of the artwork is definitely above average, and is much more detailed than some I’ve seen out of Japan.
    Overall so far I’m giving it a 8/10, which is high enough to make it into my top 20, but its still too early in the series to tell obviously. From here it has a lot of potential, and I hope it gets better from here! 😀

  2. The Random Panda

    Wow! Thanks for taking the time to check out the comic. And for the review, total bonus!

    I appreciate the critique on the art. I’ll do my best to try and improve on my faces from now on.

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