September 21st, 2010

Chapter 17 Page 21


  1. Auragongal

    Methinks Duncan might turn traitor soon, if just to kill the boss’s nephew, He’ll probably do it by saying, “Screw You! Screw your family! Screw your command! Screw this mission! I’m Just going to freaking kill you all and be on my way! Anyone who wants to stay with me can help me kill everyone else and join me in my own government, one that screws the Clergy and all who’s in it!So consider this my Resignation you Bastards!” followed by shooting mister moron in the face multiple times.
    But, that won’t happen, will it?

  2. The Random Panda

    ROFL! I think thats what Duncan’s Dreams are all about these days.

  3. Inclined to Insanity

    But honestly, why does Duncan even keep the job if he hates the superior so much? I mean, yeah, maybe he wants to finally surpass the douche, but having years worth of an anger scorched scar isnt going to help keep him civil, since everything cant be solved Rory style thats how you get promoted in the first place. I honestly think if Duncan wanted to do long term damaged, or even short term, it’d be better done outside rather than inside.
    Or maybe he likes the job (or no other job would accept him) and doesnt want to let the braggart get in his way…

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