September 30th, 2010

Chapter 18 Page 03


  1. Auragongal

    wow, for a guy who’s supposedly a genius, he’s a complete dumbass,when Dncan has his epic resignation,The “leader” will get his ass handed to him on a silve platter while his uncle would get his nephew’s heas on a golden one.

  2. Lunar

    haha, nice. and i really do hope that Aki and Duncan do a face heel turn. They deserve better than to work for the church. Maybe they’ll go into freelance bounty hunting, i don’t know :3

  3. bobby

    if i was duncan i would kill that guy and blame Rory, seems like everyone else blames him lol

  4. The Random Panda

    Lol, if Duncan ever does snap, I don’t think there’s enough news teams to cover that shooting spree.

  5. The Random Panda

    Haha, they totally would be good at that.

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