March 26th, 2013

Chapter 31 Page 05


  1. Christopher

    While the skill of whale riding was common among the featherwinds, only select few ever managed to maste “Whale-fu”, the art of whale armed combat. Also, Crestligner totally called it in the commentaries on page 1.

  2. Crestlinger

    ‘And he grabbed the whale all by the tail and turned him inside out’

  3. nightarix

    that whale’s day must be sucking something fierce. first he gets slammed through a forcefield, now he’s being used as an improvised weapon(i wonder would he count as a two or three handed improv in dnd terms… meh never gonna use it anyways as i don’t play dnd) and in the next comic he’s probably going to get a rather large injury that will if not kill maim him horribly.

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