June 12th, 2013

Chapter 32 Page 22


  1. Christopher

    Hmm, “demon city” does not sound good indeed.
    Rory might have a foe or two there. He might even meet one of the Demons from the First Storyline (the one with the Train) there.

  2. Kou The Mad

    Demon City? My Attention, you have it. Hopefully we shall meet a new, demon Side Character who will be friends with Rory…….or be like Deadpool………shit i don’t know.

  3. Crestlinger

    Home to 1000 clowns like Riddle. The. Horror.

  4. The Random Panda

    Lol, I laughed at the thought of this. But it quickly became clear how frightening that really would be.

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