I’ll start by saying I’m not sorry about the all caps cause this is important.

The Comic Creators Alliance is selling a an art print of a collaboration from around 100 different webcomic artists including your local Random Panda (me, yay). 100% of the donations will be split between Love 146 and Gracehaven, two places that greatly help those who have been victims of human trafficking. Click on the banner below to learn more.


  1. Alister

    This is a very unrelated question and I’m sorry as such,
    but I was wondering about the font you used for the word “Demon” in
    the title? Thank you!

  2. The Random Panda

    Lol it’s not a problem, it’s a modified version of a font called jellykas queens castle, or something close to that, Im not at my computer right now so the spelling might be off, but you can find it on 🙂

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