Oh Poop

Hey peeps, Just wanted to give you the all a heads up the Chapter 14 will start a day
or two late. We’re starting on a pretty big story arc and I needed to take some time
to work it all out so I don’t get it screwed up.
Anyway, once this delay is over I should be able to keep it steady.
Thanks for reading. Hope your digging it.

EDIT:: Chapter 14 will start Monday. Sorry to keep you all waiting.


  1. zenla

    That s quite few days already oh well I am just saying that I am waiting I won t hurt you if you delay one more day.

  2. The Random Panda

    Lol. Yeah sorry, life got in the way. I hate when that happens 🙂
    But Chapter 14 officially starts Monday.
    Sorry to keep you all waiting.

  3. zenla

    There is one golden rule about it for me. I forgive for all delays as long as you update again

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