Ok, to catch up hopefully

Well as always sorry for missing a page. I know I havent posted much for news in a while. Lifes been crazy O.o A quick rundown: My girlfriend lost her job right before she needed surgery, I had my first convention table, my cat got sick, and now my girlfriend got the surgery she needed last night. We were in the hospital for 12+ hours after we were told it would only be a 4-5 hour out patient surgery, lol.

Lets just say this all made for one hell of a complicated summer so far. The good news is, both my girlfriend and my cat are doing fine. So I think the minor shitstorm we encountered is starting to die down. So that hopefully means a less bumpy schedule now. Which is good cause it looks like things in Demon Fist are starting to heat up and I don’t want to make you wait any more than necessary for it!


  1. John Paul

    I like the fact that you put “shitstorm” in your tags section…;)

    Happy to hear everything is stable now. Thanks for putting up the link to purchase. I saw you at the Somerset Convention and it was pleasure to see and buy your artwork. (My bro bought some Mega Man images while I got a Chun-li/Bison shot)

    Just ordered my printed copy! Looking forward to it and heres hopefully to a better rest of the summer and autumn.

  2. The Random Panda

    Thank you so much. Yeah things got a little crazy after the convention, but it’s going much better now. I’m glad you like the pics. And super stoked you picked up a copy of the book. Again thank you. And hopefully I’ll see you at the next conventions I’m at.

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