Chapter 50 Page 09
Tuesday — March 7th, 2017

Chapter 50 Page 09

Demon Fist News

Not having much luck

First thanks for all of your patience. But I’ve been battling a pretty bad cold the past couple days. Thought I was doing better but then passed out on my living room and hurt my butt doing so :(.

That being said I don’t have pages ready. I promise you all there will be something this week and be back on the normal schedule soon. Sorry for making you all wait.

Graaaaahhhhh Overwhelmed!

Ok guys I hate to do this but I gotta take another week off of Demon Fist. I just had a whole pile of freelance work fall on my lap. Which most certainly is a good thing because I need the money, but there’s no way I’m getting any pages done for the next few days. I was hoping to get back on track but I gotta put the paying gigs first. I promise you we will be back on top of things soon.

One more week

Hey guys, I’m going to do one more week of a tuesday/thursday schedule then we should be back to normal.

Temporary Schedule

Hi All. So because of the move back East I will be trying to stick with a Tuesday and Thursday page schedule until June. Then hopefully we will be back to the 4 pages a week again. Thanks for being patient.

The world of Ruin

Hi all,

Sorry about the lack of updates again. I promise you I am working on it as much as I can. Without getting into too much detail, my personal life pretty much fell apart recently because of my own choices. Which means I will be making the trek back to the east coast. But that also means that for the next month or two updates might be a little scarce. Demon Fist will come back in full effect once the move is over, so please be patient.

Thanks everyone.