Chapter 50 Page 09
Tuesday — March 7th, 2017

Chapter 50 Page 09

Demon Fist News

Come Back imminent.

First let me apologize for this way too long hiatus. My life exploded pretty massively and while I’m still not really back on track I’m worlds better than i was a few months ago. We are definitely going to be back and relatively soon. I have already started on pages again, and I plan to be uploading around January 9th. I’m sorry for taking so long to get my crap together but we’re on our way back and it will be awesome! See you soon and thanks for your patience.

Frakking Finally

New pages starting Tuesday. Thanks for waiting everyone!

Not having much luck

First thanks for all of your patience. But I’ve been battling a pretty bad cold the past couple days. Thought I was doing better but then passed out on my living room and hurt my butt doing so :(.

That being said I don’t have pages ready. I promise you all there will be something this week and be back on the normal schedule soon. Sorry for making you all wait.

Graaaaahhhhh Overwhelmed!

Ok guys I hate to do this but I gotta take another week off of Demon Fist. I just had a whole pile of freelance work fall on my lap. Which most certainly is a good thing because I need the money, but there’s no way I’m getting any pages done for the next few days. I was hoping to get back on track but I gotta put the paying gigs first. I promise you we will be back on top of things soon.

One more week

Hey guys, I’m going to do one more week of a tuesday/thursday schedule then we should be back to normal.