Sorry for the extremely long break

Before I say anything else I have to thank all of you so much for reading my comic, nothing brings me greater joy to know people enjoy Demon Fist.

“So what the hell happened?” Life did. It got to the point there was just no time and energy left to draw even in the slightest bit. A few weeks became a few months and… well, now that its almost been a year… here we are.

But here is the good news, I can’t make any concrete announcements as to when yet, but Demon Fist most certainly IS coming back and when it does, it will come back in a big way. I have plans in motion and have been working very hard on a new way to get the comic pages finished in order to reduce late pages and stay consistent with the release schedule. But it will take a little time to get things in order. Again thanks for reading and I hope you will be back when Rory and the gang return. Stay tuned here or the face book page for updates.

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