Well this week was something…

Hi all. So I’m finally back from LA. I had to fly over there unexpectedly last Monday because my Girlfriends Father went into Kidney failure. However, he managed to pull through and is now home. He’s not out of the woods but he is improving. Let just hope he keeps doing so.

As for Demon Fist, there will be pages again starting tomorrow. Sorry to keep you all waiting.

And Katsucon!
Katsucon Table
It was two weeks ago. Sorry for the late update. I met some really cool people and some fans of the comic. Plus, there were some great cosplayers. Sadly I didn’t get many pics of them 🙁

To all of you that were at Katsucon, thanks for stopping by. And to everyone that wasn’t, I hope to see you at any of the other conventions I have coming up!

Just a reminder of some upcoming conventions:
Spring Fest NY – Mar 16-17
Zenkaikon – Mar 22-24


  1. Barrage7667


    Next year…you will be in this, next year….

  2. The Random Panda

    Wow that sounds awesome. Lets hope I get to compete. 🙂

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